5. October 2011

Last week I had this pretty girl over for a visit.

Please come and visit us soon again Alero, I had a great time with you!

You can call us Salt and Pepper if you want..

I also had the great luck to meet these great people on the airport when I was on my way to Siciliy. Anna and Pietro. I had a great time with them, driving around, eating out, going to the beach.. So many good laughs! Hope to see you soon again!

One night Pietro had made little gifts to all of us.. I stones.. Who needs an iphone..

Pietro is thinking of getting a new tattoo.. (He is 2 meters tall, has shoe size 48 and weighs about a ton probably..) I am sure it will look great on him in color!

We also got to know this little guy, Remo, and his dad Romolo and mom Alessandra, from Roma. Such a good time, they invited me out for dinner varios times, took me out on boat rides and we had great times on the beach. Hope to able ti visit you and your horses and sheep and dogs and cats and hens and ostrich soooon. Big hugs e mille grazie per un tempo bellissimo!

(Isn't it great to come from Rome and be named Romolo and Remo?!)

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